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Is Search Engine Marketing Strategy the Best Option for you?

Every day, billions of internet users search online. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) means how you can present your ads to these future customers where it will have an impact: in the best number on the top pages of google results. You set your budget and only pay for clicks on your ad. SEM is, therefore, an affordable method for businesses of all sizes, including yours, to reach more potential customers.

Your business activity is probably already taking up a lot of your time. Microsoft Advertising, therefore, strives to help you effectively create, launch and manage SEM campaigns on Microsoft and our partner sites. With Microsoft Advertising, you can reach 18 million unique internet users in France who search from a desktop computer.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine Marketing (SEM) is the method by which we promote our product/service through paid ads on search engines or get visitors from Search engines through paid ads is called Search Engine Marketing.

If you’ve ever noticed ads appearing at the top or right of search engine results pages, you already know what SEM is. When your ads are displayed in these optimal, high-visibility positions, your business can gain a competitive advantage. Plus, most people only click on the first results that appear, giving these prime placements a visual edge to capture the attention of your future customers.

The Mechanism is as follows:

  • Internet users are looking for a product or service online
  • they use keywords in search engines, such as Microsoft.
  • These people discover your ad
  • If the keywords are used In your ad when someone searches, your ad will appear above or next to search results on Bing.
  • Your potential customers take action
  • You can set up your ad to get people to call you, visit your website, or visit your store.

What is the cost of Search Engine Marketing?

You set your daily budget and control the cost of ad spend don’t have to pay to display your ad. It’s only when someone clicks on the ad that you’re charged an amount that can’t exceed the amount you specified for that click. That’s why SEM is also called pay-per-click because you only have to pay for the clicks generated by your ad. No clicks, no fees.

Microsoft Advertising account(Bing) setup is free, and billing is flexible. You can choose between prepayment or post-payment methods, as well as different payment methods. If you have the slightest doubt, free help is available to answer all your questions before launching your campaigns. Remember that you are only charged once someone clicks on your ad.

You can control your spending even further with bidding and targeting strategies.

Top Effective Advertising Strategies

Control costs by selecting your bids on your keywords

Keep in mind that people enter terms into search engines based on what interests them. The keywords and phrases you select for your campaigns largely determine whether your ad appears when people search online. However, be aware that other advertisers may also be using the exact keywords. When they do, they are competing with your ad campaign. How can you take over? One method is keyword bidding.

Your bid amount on a keyword helps you position your ad higher than others. Therefore, you need to decide on a bid that you believe best represents the value of this customer to your business.

You can also control costs by focusing on your most relevant leads by targeting.

Target the Right Audience for your Business

You already know who your best customers are and where they are. However, bing ads Control where your ads appear: in a city, state, country, or globally. Refine your targeting further by specifying times for your ads to appear and specifying the devices on which they should appear. By targeting only your most relevant potential customers, you reduce unnecessary expenses.

After a while, you can use reporting tools to find out which of your different strategies are working best and re-tune your targeting and other parameters accordingly. This process has a name: campaign optimization.

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