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What is Web Development Consultancy?

Web development consultancy is a service offered by consultants that consists of providing advice and help to companies when making decisions about the creation of a web page or Website.

In web consultancy, consultants and advisers are the ones in charge of carrying out the work of advising clients. They are great professionals who have knowledge of various areas, from design, development, and programming to digital marketing. Therefore, its offers services related to web design and development as well as digital marketing strategies to make the web development in such a way that it reaches the desired target audience and meets the client’s objectives.

The web development consultancy deals with accompanying the company in all the phases that make up web development. That is, the web development consultancy begins with a previous analysis of the market, the target audience, and the organization itself to know the perfection of how to guide their actions and deploy their techniques. Once the first phase is complete, it begins with the optimization of the web, that is, it begins with its advice and offers the client a solution to their problem, informing them of the aesthetics that their Website must follow, its functionality, as well as strategies. of marketing among other aspects that you must carry out to make a difference against your competition. It would go on to the execution, in which the web development consultancy participates but through the continuous assessment of said execution, offering proposals for improvement.

How is Web Development Consulting different from a Web Developer?

Web development, as we mentioned, is dedicated to advising companies in relation to the creation of their own Website. From beginning to end, they accompany you in this process that, for some organizations that do not have much experience in the digital field, can be an ordeal, but thanks to the web development consultancy, this leap will not be so difficult since this is a faithful companion, who will tell you the truth to your face and will help to achieve the desired positioning as well as an increase in profitability, because thanks to her knowledge, the development of a website will be carried out with which these facts will be achieved.

A web developer, however, is part of this web development consulting process but does not accompany the client from start to finish. This is in charge of making the ideas of the web development consultancy tangible, which provides guidelines, and the web developers, due to their high knowledge in programming, carry them out and thus create a page with potential that meets the objectives of the client thanks to work carried out by the web development consultancy, which continues to be present in this execution process in which it accompanies the client and the developers in case new changes have to be introduced.

Bluehorn Technologies _ Company

BlueHorn Technologies 

BlueHorn Technologies is an agency specializing in digital marketing based in the UK and operates throughout the UK. Thanks to our team specialized in various areas of the sector and our more than 15 years of experience, we can offer quality services according to the needs of each client.

We love what we do, and that is why we leave our skin in each project so that it comes to light as we wish and, of course, meets the objectives of each client. We work under a 360º marketing philosophy, and we do not like to stay halfway. We like to accompany our clients from start to finish, exploring all the media resources they have and increasing their potential to the maximum.

At BlueHorn Technologies, great relationships are born with our clients, which we focus on at all times, advising them and providing them with the best possible solutions. The secret of our effectiveness is the good communication of both our team with themselves and with their clients, as well as theirs with theirs. We believe that through good communication, the target audience establishes a relationship of trust with companies or brands so that they take them into account when making their purchasing decisions.

We offer numerous services aimed at building a good relationship with the target audience and increasing business profitability. Some of what we offer are:

  • More focused on marketing, on the preparation and implementation of strategies, and on the prior analysis to guide them in the right direction, as well as the subsequent analysis for the collection of relevant information for future actions such as SEO to make the web visibility and position it among the first in the seekers; SEM to drive potential customers to your Website through pay-per-click Google Adwords campaigns; LEADS capture to collect information and send personalized emails; Landing Page A/B Testing to identify variables that favor user conversion; email marketing to encourage conversion by sending emails; remarketing showing the most suitable ad at all times to convince users; web and campaign analytics by collecting relevant data that affects conversion as well as the effectiveness of marketing campaigns; Community Management to analyze factors that intervene in the effectiveness of the contents.
  • More focused on advertising, which we use to achieve the effectiveness of marketing strategies such as Marketplace Ads: creation of profitable campaigns on Amazon and other marketplaces, Social Ads: ads on social networks with the aim of increasing sales by capturing LEADS and achieving visits from new segments; pay-per-click campaigns in Google Shopping to increase sales of the most profitable products; content generation for social networks, web pages or advertising campaigns as well as audience analysis and testing of different strategies.

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