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How Great User Interface Design Can Help Your Business Grow

Nowadays, businesses need to have a strong online presence to be successful, and having a good website or app is key to making this happen. This is where User Interface Design plays an important role.

The design of a user interface is essential when developing a website, or an application and companies should never overlook this point.

In other words, the UI design is one of the main options to increase the traffic of a website and, therefore, achieve a higher conversion rate. It is what makes users have a good experience with a site and, as a consequence that they become loyal customers.

Even user interface design tweaks can have a big impact and ensure better results, however small they may seem. Basic changes such as button shapes, colors, typography, or how information is distributed can determine whether users stay on the site or leave because it ends up being difficult to interact with.

Benefits of a Good User Interface Design 

The following are the major benefits of good user interface design. 

Acquisition of New Customers

A good UI design contributes to a positive user experience, becoming a competitive advantage and a key brand differentiator. When a responsive design is offered, customers feel easier while using the app or website. In this way, you can attract new customers and therefore increase sales.

Increased Customer Engagement and Retention

An attractive UI design improves customer engagement and helps retain old customers. If a good interface is developed that simplifies research and navigation, new users will be attracted, avoiding frustration and also wanting to continue their digital experience. Achieving a lower probability of bounce and a higher conversion rate.

Brand Loyalty

About the previous point, attractive and interactive UI designs have a better chance of retaining customers, trying to keep them loyal to the brand.

Increased Productivity

If the product is well-designed and easy to use, learning time will decrease, and users will meet their needs faster and more efficiently. 

Lower Development and Training Costs

Having an easy-to-use and intuitive interface from the start can help avoid future problems, such as fixing navigation errors, adjusting the design to be more functional or deleting features, causing some issues for designers, avoiding additional costs, and reducing time and effort.

Lower Customer Support Costs

Often when websites are difficult to understand, users express problems or concerns while navigating the interface, so when an interface is intuitive and practical, contact with support services will be less frequent. 

Importance of UI Design

What are the Benefits of an Optimized User Interface Design?

The main target of any company is to sell their product or service. The optimization of the user experience is a fundamental part of any good website or app and is linked to positioning. If users like it, brand recognition and credibility will increase.

Today’s marketers are challenged to meet the demands and needs of consumers in a highly digitized, ever-changing world where technology is present in almost every aspect of their lives. One of the best ways to please consumers is to create an enjoyable and valuable user experience. An important fact to emphasize is that sites with a superior experience have up to 400% more conversions compared to those that offer an unpleasant or difficult experience.

An optimal user experience involves more than a well-built site design. With the development of new marketing technologies, a set of resources is available to improve the UI design of a site.

Examples of Good User Interface Design 


Amazon’s user interface is designed to increase the likelihood that visitors will execute a purchase. For this purpose, the search bar is the focal point on the website. 

Amazon is successful because everyone knows how to search, making it easy to browse products but also allowing you to filter, refine, and view results in an open and readable way. The search function influences other visual elements on the home page, such as personalized recommendations, recent browsing history, and new products.

Another important point to highlight is the products’ calls to action (CTA), where they appear as text (blue hyperlink) and as an image, giving it due importance so that the user knows where to click and make a purchase.


In terms of learnability, there isn’t much that the average user doesn’t know what to do upon entering the Dropbox website. It’s intuitive that a large number of users drag and drop files from their desktops onto the page, even without knowing if that feature is available; they do it just because it is so common and because it is available in a myriad of applications, tools and software.

Dropbox has one of the easiest user interfaces to understand. Its organizational structure in folders and files is easily recognizable to anyone who has used a computer since it has the same format as operating systems, reducing the learning curve. 

This interface pays great attention to detail, with sequenced color palettes, animated icons, and images that coordinate with each other.

Why give importance to the User Interface Design?

The user interface design aims to generate sales and new clients and keep those who already use it. And it is that a bad interface can generate distrust and confusion and harm the business since if the user does not simply achieve his objective, sooner or later, you will decide to look elsewhere, and possibly you will lose the customer.

For a business, one of the best ways to satisfy the needs of its consumers is by focusing on creating a pleasant and valuable user experience for them. An important fact, according to Hubspot, is that sites, platforms or applications with a good experience have up to 400% more conversions compared to those that offer a difficult, confusing or unpleasant digital experience.

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