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Keep in Mind while building a Mobile App for your Business in 2023

In this article, we talk about how to building a mobile app for your business; currently, the use of mobile devices increase, and there are different applications that allow us to communicate with other people on various platforms, make reservations, check our location, etc. Given the great utility of mobile applications, many users decide to install them.

If you have a company or business, when you create a mobile application, you have the possibility of carrying out other actions and including them in your marketing strategy. When making the decision to develop a mobile application, you can interact with your users more directly, and apart from being a key element in your marketing strategy, it offers other vital benefits for your business.

Creating a mobile application is a good option when it comes to promoting your business since most of the population does not conceive of day-to-day life, the way to interact and consume away from their mobile phone, so what you offer through your company App can be decisive.

Are you already clear that you can’t wait any longer to create a successful mobile application? There is no complete instruction manual on how to create a successful custom mobile app, but we can give you some tips.

Today we want to tell you about several fundamental aspects that you must take into account to create a mobile application for your business.

Requirements to create a Mobile Application

In the planning phase to create a mobile application, several factors must be taken into account, including the complexity of the project, since it is not the same to develop a business mobile application for purchases and sales worldwide as one that simply shows the small restaurant menu.

Bearing this in mind, we must classify the development of a mobile application into three types depending on its requirements:

Essential or Basic Mobile Application

Creating a mobile application requires a minimum of at least two people: a designer and a developer.

When the decision to create a mobile application is made, the designer is the person in charge of defining, among other things, the general structure of the screens and their interaction elements. Later, with the design of the interface, he prepares the files to send to the developer and starts creating a mobile application based on those requirements.

At this stage, the work of the developer when creating a mobile application consists of programming the functionalities in terms of the user experience.

It must be taken into account for which platform or operating system a mobile application is going to be created (Android, IOS, or both), and here it is necessary to estimate the increase in production hours that this implies. Also, take into account the cost of uploading the App to the Play Store and App Store stores.

Mobile Applications of medium complexity

To create a mobile application of this type, greater involvement in its design and development is required. For this type of App, a structured database, project management tools, functionalities, and designs are needed that are scalable over time. Weather.

At this level, the development team to create a mobile app can be further expanded to include:

  • A project leader who takes care of the general coordination when creating a mobile application.
  • Information architecture and usability specialists
  • designers and illustrators
  • Expert developers on one platform
  • Editors
  • QA (quality control) personnel who ensure that the desired quality is achieved when creating a mobile application.

High Complexity Mobile Applications

To create a mobile application of this kind, a considerable amount of human, financial, and technological resources (servers, APIs, and data diagrams) must be considered, in addition to the implementation of agile methodologies and requirements analysis to achieve the objectives.

Creating a mobile application of this magnitude is designed and developed to be compatible with different platforms and operating systems for mobile devices.

I need to Create a Mobile Application

What do I need to Create a Mobile Application?

The first and most important thing you need to create a mobile application is to have the idea and/or concept. It is essential to clearly determine what the objectives of the application will be and what user needs it will cover. It is about making a main outline of the idea and the concept on which a mobile application is going to be created.

To make an idea translate into success, it is essential to find a suitable provider with a methodology that suits our objectives. Having said this, we need developers who would help us in our process of creating a mobile application.

Establishing a scheme of the functionality and technical characteristics of the mobile application is necessary to be clear about the work that the developers will carry out, and it is an integral part of keeping this information in mind when creating a mobile application.

Work the previous points through the design of the interface and the user experience based on the needs of UX, UI, and IxD. Once both the design and the technical decisions and functionality of the App are clear, it is time to move on to the programming phase to create a mobile application and, later, to the testing phase without forgetting to upload it to the Play Store and App Store.

Steps to Create a Mobile Application?

Defining the scope to create a mobile application

Before you start looking for talent to create a mobile app, it’s a good idea to have a clear idea of ​​what’s required. Requirements are a textual description of the features you want when creating a mobile app.

It is precious that you have complementary information to create a mobile application, such as some references and some sketches of how you would like your mobile application to look.

Planning to create a mobile app

In this phase, the list of activities to create a mobile application until the end of the project is generally reflected in a work schedule. This schedule will have essential milestones, such as the delivery of advances in a certain period of time, that allow you to visualize the development progress. It is also essential to define the deliverables that the project will have, such as the generated documentation, the design file, and the source code, among other important aspects of creating a mobile application.

Analysis of requirements to create a mobile application

As a first activity, we have the analysis the requirements at a super detailed level to create a mobile application, with the aim of defining the requirements in detail and being clear about the main and secondary flows of the application. In the same way, the particular rules of the application associated with the business must be clear.

Mobile App Design

Once the scope has been defined and the requirements to create a mobile application have been detailed, the UI/UX design team proceeds to make a visual proposal.

 This is in order to present it to the owner of the product and receive his approval or feedback to apply the necessary improvements.

Once the approval is received, we proceed to design the secondary flows and complementary screens. In the end, there will be a complete design of all the flows that the application will have; this will be the main input for the software development team to create a mobile application.

Software Development

The project management team, together with the programming team, will define the deliverables to have progressive progress and finish creating a mobile application. These will be shown to the client as the application is built until the final version is reached.

Tests or Testing

Once the programming stage to create a mobile application is completed, a series of tests are carried out to check the correct operation of the application and detect possible bugs that will be reviewed before publishing in the Play Store and App Store stores.

Then, we proceed to perform a demonstration of the application to the client. In addition, joint tests are carried out to have your final feedback before publishing the application. This part is extremely important when creating a mobile application.

Application Publication

In the final stage of creating a mobile application, the application is configured for launch in the Play Store and App Store, and the required information sheets are filled out.

In the case of the Play Store, the time it takes from the moment the application is sent until it appears in the store is an average of 24 hours,


When creating a mobile application, it must be clear that it will always need maintenance because the software industry is constantly changing. Specifically, in the mobile market, new smartphone models or new versions of operating systems are often launched. This part is very important to take into consideration when creating a mobile application.

On the other hand, the policies and conditions of application stores such as Play Store and App Store are often updated. So it is necessary that our applications are aligned to prevent them from being removed from the Play Store and App Store stores. 

Benefits of Mobile Application

What benefits does creating a mobile application offer me?

The main benefit of creating a mobile application for your brand is to give it a greater presence and strengthen it. However, there are many advantages that you can obtain:

Show what you offer.

Not only the catalog of your products, but you can also specify their functions, benefits, and uses, and in this way, offer a greater awareness of your brand after creating a mobile application.

Locate your Business

When creating a mobile application, you can include the location of your company. Either by a map or GPS, users will be able to know how far away you are and how to get to you more easily.

Instant Notifications

It is an excellent tool after creating a mobile application to instantly notify your customers when you have special promotions available or an important announcement.

Generate traffic to your website, blog, and social networks

Mobile applications are useful for generating traffic to web pages or social networks and vice versa. It all depends on your strategy and the type of communication you have from these platforms.


Do you want to know if your customers like your product? After creating a mobile application, you can also carry out satisfaction surveys, as well as studies, to find out what you want.

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