June 30, 2021

How Salesforce Lightning can Level-Up Your Business

Salesforce Classic has been doing wonders for organizations in building and managing customer relationships since its inception. The next big step in this customer-centric era by Salesforce consulting services is the “Salesforce Lightning”.  With Lightning, Salesforce has taken customization to the next level and enhanced the user experience overall.

“Lightning is a catalyst for unleashing productivity, innovation, and transformation across every industry” — Anne DelSanto, EVP and GM Salesforce Lightning

Let’s take a look how Salesforce Lightning is different and innovative than Salesforce Classic.

Salesforce Lightning v/s Classic 

Salesforce Classic is the original version of the salesforce platform. If you are an old Salesforce Classic user you would agree that it does not have an appealing web UI. The interface for the classic version lacks graphic and visual elements rather it is just text-oriented.

With so much of text, the classic version when linked with a modern monitor screen shows gaps and unused spaces and too much text squeezed to a limited space. It makes it difficult for you to navigate the right data and understand the information.

Salesforce Lightning is the newest version of salesforce which is designed keeping in mind the visual and graphic elements. The web UI of Lightning is advanced and visually appealing which has certainly up the salesforce user experience game.

The Lightning offers you new and exciting features on homepage like daily news, important deals and your performance graphs. It has made it easier for you to keep a track of your past activities on individual accounts making a timeline of your project activities.

Here are four reasons why you should make a shift to salesforce lightning to level up your business performance:

1 – Improves team’s performance

The Lightning UI of Salesforce helps you and your team design and customize homepage according to your specific requirements. The customization of homepage helps you access any information on your individual account, keep a track of your tasks and resolve any issues related to it in an easy way. Its path component helps you guide your sales representatives throughout the sales process.

Since it highlights the desired actions, you are able to make appropriate decisions required in the specific sales activity which improves your performance. The activity timeline feature helps you to organize your previous tasks, keep a track of your team’s planned activities, and focus on any specific lead when required.  

2 – Better analytics & forecasting

One of the most promising features of Lightning UI is its advanced integration with Einstein AI. Einstein AI helps you in dealing with data preparations, graphs, modeling and infrastructure for better predictions and forecast analysis. This feature is fully integrated with Lightning and makes your applications use facial recognition and natural language processing to help forecast appropriate steps you would need to take for a specific account. With the help of this feature you can understand your leads and their behaviour, qualify them in a better way, and develop nurturing campaigns according to the analytics.

This feature helps you grow your customer database and improve your ideal client profile. Using predictive analytics you can design individual customer experience for your accounts making  customer loyalty top notch. Also, you don’t have to put effort and time in creating and analyzing reports anymore, Lightning UI has certainly uplifted reporting feature.This feature makes the reporting process time saving and visually appealing too.

3 – Improves data security

The Salesforce Lightning offers you locker service. This lightning security feature improves your data security and protects you from any malicious cyber attacks by keeping your Lightning component isolated. It does not let the Aura components interact directly with one another rather allows them to interact through authorized tools like Aura attributes.

Also, the enhanced Salesforce’s security architecture gives you exclusive security measures for  data protection. For this it provides you with a Content Security Policy (CSP) which reduces the chance of cross-site scripting threats. This helps you to restrict your data sources and make it secure while you are working on your cloud.

4 – Customized workspace layout

Unlike Salesforce Classic, lightning interface gives you the opportunity to design and create your own customized workspace page architecture. The new interface makes it convenient for you to design your app pages, home pages, client record pages and reporting pages based on your accounts’ requirements. Before that you just had the option of one basic page layout.

With the advanced drag and drop functionality the custom features and application development process has been reduced. It provides you with the updated features and applications to better cope with new business requirements that come your way.

Salesforce Lightning Key Takeaway

If you are an existing Salesforce Classic user, considering all the benefits of Salesforce Lightning it will be a smart move from classic to lightning. As it improves your experience with modern UI. It helps you improve the productivity of your team, provides you with better prediction and analytic features so you can fully understand your leads and improve decision making.

Salesforce Lightning will be the only version available in the future. It’s only better for you to be proactive and get your company familiarized with it now and mitigate the risk of being automatically shifted to it with no planning.

Salesforce Lightning implementation at Bluehorn

With over a decade of experience in mapping your unique business processes to Salesforce, Bluehorn transforms your business needs into a world-class software product. Let’s achieve your Salesforce objectives together!


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