June 30, 2021

The Best Practices to Create and Deploy Enterprise Mobile Apps

Today, the consumer engagement for mobile applications has increased tremendously. Considering the trend, businesses are reshaping their workflow models to implement enterprise mobile applications and devices into their internal operations.

According to a mobile consumer survey productivity of employees increases in a mobile-friendly working environment. As enterprise mobile apps have become the talk of the town for their impact on workplace productivity and collaboration, we have gathered a list of industry’s best practices to help you design, develop and integrate them effectively.

Let’s get started…


  • Convert needs and goals into functionalities  

Instant corporate communication requires quick access to all the crucial information such as quality management systems rules, public emergency notices, or corporate rules and policies by the employees. The instant mobile app can provide your employees with fast access to all the daily and time based management information and activities. Hence, can save time and improve internal communication flow.

Building your own enterprise mobile app that helps employees quickly access the information, find colleagues on communication platforms like Skype, or contact any colleague right away on your phone can make your internal communication efficient. You can also build functionalities based on your company objectives like easily accessible corporate news portals that can update employees with the latest company news and events. Therefore, it ensures that everyone in the organization is in the loop and no one has to miss out on any information.


  • Integrate with internal systems and tools 

One of the important things is that your enterprise mobile app should be easily integrated with your internal tools or systems. If you want to embrace the data-driven approach you first have to streamline your workflows across multiple platforms.

By developing your own mobile app can help you integrate your company’s online tools such as work time reporting, data management and data analytics. For instance, if your company uses JIRA for project management, you can easily access the dashboard from your mobile through the app.  Hence, it can help you keep a track of your team’s productivity, a specific client’s status or analyze a particular campaign’s performance on the go.


  • The User-centric approach for product design

It is important to make sure that your users actually use your app. If you want to achieve this you have to prioritize a user-centric approach for your product design. Your enterprise mobile app has to cater your employees daily workday needs so that they love to use the app on a regular basis. To improve your employees’ engagement on the mobile app you have focus on two core elements:

  1. User-friendly app design
  2. Usability of the app

Before jumping straight into making an enterprise mobile app you need to gather data through surveys, user interviews or focus groups that can help you answer the core questions of app design and it’s usability. Once you have collected relevant data you should incorporate it into the design of your app and conduct a usability test to get feedback. Through a feedback and support system you can constantly improve your designs based on your employees feedback.


Key points to consider when building enterprise mobile app

From conceptualizing the idea to building the right mobile app for your business you need to follow the best practices for successfully deploying it in your company.

  1. An in-depth research and understanding of your users’ (employees) needs and pain points.
  2. A systematic architectural framework that will help you integrate all other corporate tools for a seamless workflow.
  3. A user-friendly design that is simple yet intuitive for employees to make them frequent users of the app.
  4. An intensive usability testing phase before launching the app or adding any new features to it.
  5. A regular feedback loop from the users (employees) and get it incorporated into the design. It will help you improve the app design and features and performance.


At bluehorn

We are committed to help you build successful mobile apps with a better employee experience. Should you want to build your enterprise mobile app? Using latest technology tools and industry best practices you can build and deploy high performing enterprise apps to scale your business.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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