July 1, 2021

Sales tech trends in 2021

Every company is in a dire state to sell more, but not everyone succeeds in it. In the era of emerging technology trends companies are flooded with new sales tools that they want to leverage to boost sales. By embracing technology trends in sales, companies are able to improve their productivity and seek new business opportunities.

The exceptional progress in the field of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the internet of things has let companies exploit them in their sales process for desired business growth.

Here are 3 ways how sales managers can leverage the technology trends to increase productivity for the next year.

1. Intelligent CRM tools

AI-powered applications and tools are an important part of business intelligence. The intelligent CRM tools give you the ability to understand, manage and analyze customer data in a systematic way. It helps your sales team to craft sales process according to the analytics for personalized customer experience through:

  • 24/7 customer data accessibility: Intelligent CRM tools make it easy for you to access any customer information globally at any given time. It has made it convenient for you to access customer information even with cell phones with its mobile CRM interface.
  • Improved data-driven insights: with intelligent CRM applications your SDRs can easily track and identify peaks in the sales trend. You are able to spot leads that are near the
    purchase stage which requires your attention and efforts to seal the deal.
  • Seamless workflow: it gives you the opportunity to seamlessly communicate and share crucial information with your sales teams. It automatically triggers notifications for your SDRs and creates an activity list to guide them throughout the sales process.
  • Customized reports: It helps you in analyzing the sales process for individual accounts by systematic reporting feature. Predictive analytics improves your decision-making for each account.

2. Digital Transformation in Sales

By embracing digital transformation not just in other business divisions but in sales as well can help you effectively tackle business and customer challenges both.

  • Voice recognition: The AI-driven voice recognition technology can help you understand the behavior and expectations of your potential accounts. This helps you tailor your sales process accordingly for desired results. It also helps you in identifying authentic leads with voice biometrics.
  • AR/VR: if your business is purely relying on the visual impact of product or services on customers or experiencing the product/service is important for customers before they make a purchase. Here, technologies like AR/VR services can serve your customers better than just giving them lengthy descriptions and demos.
  • AI-chatbots: AI-powered marketing tools help you target the right customer with the relevant information and personalized messages. With the help of chatbots, you can respond to basic customer queries efficiently leading them through the sales funnel. Intercom is a leading chatbot company and a startup lead prospecting expert. The customers on their website can talk to bots while browsing and chatbots deliver customized information to them depending on their browsing history.

3. IoT for enhanced customer experience

For over a decade IoT has been the talk of the town. Today, with the integration of AI and IoT services the online tech support has also evolved. Artificial intelligence is all set to pave the way for IoT-driven customer experience and sales procedures by:

  • Helping you monitor consumer behavior throughout the buyer’s journey to tailor your sales process accordingly
  • Letting you track real-time location data and notifications for accurate deliveries/li>
  • Helping you monitor the browsing history of your customers so you can enhance the buyer’s journey with relevant product/service offers and recommendations.

By doing so you can actually focus on what is being discussed in the meeting without being distracted by yourself on the screen and other’s surroundings.

Key Takeaways

As sales technology tools are becoming more sophisticated, businesses should strategically leverage them to surge the performance of sales teams. Certainly, the technology trends when embraced by companies can uplift their customer relationships. The technology trends let businesses nurture an environment where a customer-centric approach is the core of the sales process to enhance buyer’s experience and improve sales productivity.

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