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Amazing React Native App Development Company in the UK

Bluehorn is a leading React Native App Development Company in the UK with many years of experience building, developing, and deploying cross-platform mobile applications for clients worldwide. Blue Horn worked with clients in various industries, including business, finance, gaming, productivity, utilities, media, travel, and healthcare.

Our React Native App Development Company makes it a Reality

As the digital world changes, it is essential to keep up with technological developments. Bluehorn React Native App Development Company team can make it a reality.

Transform your Idea into Reality

You have an idea, and we have the expertise. Asap Developers has a wide range of frameworks and technologies to help you bring your ideas to life.

Transform your Brand into a Big Name

Your company should keep up with the market if you want to keep up with the public. And react native mobile apps have taken the world by storm.

Transform your Small Business into Corporations

We have a team of experts at your disposal, providing constant innovation and communication between your team and us to ensure smooth work dynamics.

Transform Your User Experience

We help you enhance user experience with a top-notch app that will help them interact with your business better.

We work with the Best Creative and Innovative Brands Build a Partnership!

Please make sure you get better results by communicating freely with our Mangers.

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What is Bluehorn React Native App Development Company Services?

We focus on developing high-quality cross-platform applications with the same speed, accuracy, and quality as reactive native application development features and functionality. Experience rapid React Native App Development Company with world-class React Native development services, leading the way in technology, scalability, and performance.

React Native Android App Development

Bluehorn React Native App Development Company provides sophisticated solutions for React app development.

Reactive Native iOS App Development

We have world-class expertise in React Native services for iOS development.

Cross-Platform App Development

We provide the expertise that increases your business ROI. Hore is the best team that can implement HTML, CSS etc.

React Native Development Cycle

we can help you create a powerful app using cutting-edge technologies like AJAX, React JS, Redux, SQL, and More. 

React Native Consulting

An app with a native look given by React Native consulting services. After understanding your project requirements

Code Audit

Hire our React native developers to review the code of your existing applications. Our experts have world-class experience reviewing and analyzing code quality.

Migrate the App to React Native

Need help migrating your existing mobile app to React Native? Hire our React Native developers to modernize every aspect.

React Native for MVP Development

Our React Native App Development Company has the right people for the job. We are here to evaluate any of your projects.

What Service Models Bluehorn Offers to Clients

Fixed Price Model

In this model, the scope of work for the project and associated costs and schedules are determined before development begins. This model was chosen to ensure a longer time frame. Clients are always assured that the project will stay within the agreed budget. This model is ideal for clients who are aware of their requirements.

Hire a Dedicated Team Model

It is a classic and simple form of contract where the client pays for the time the app developer spends on the project. Customers don’t need to think about detailed specifications, so starting a project is more accessible. This model also allows new features to be updated, and customers know exactly what they are paying for. It leads to more trust and communication.

Field Development Model

This model is preferred when the client needs to add temporary resources for on-site development. This type of agreement guarantees the promise of cost-effectiveness and personal interaction with the developer. This model ensures that deadlines are met through constant communication throughout the process.

We are Also Available by Phone or Email

We are here to fulfill all your mobile app development needs at the most affordable prices. If you have any queries regarding the Mobile App Development Agency, you can contact us for the best solutions.

BlueHorn React Native App Development Company Projects

We are a cutting-edge, creative, and business-friendly Mobile App Development Agency. Here are some of our recent favourites.


Customer Reviews About Our React Native App Development Company

Amanda Rivera

Over the past few years, Bluehorn has led several software development projects as a React Native App Development Company. The company shows a high level of professionalism in its work. We are very satisfied with Bluehorn and recommend a long-term business relationship with them as our most reliable and transparent partner for software development and support.

Henry Morgan

The developers of Bluehorn React Native App Development Company have been true partners, thoroughly reporting progress and providing valuable advice. They are also very reliable, ethical, and transparent.


The developers at Bluehorn developed React Native apps for Android and iOS based on the wireframes provided. Bluehorn's React Native App Development Company developers stand out as a dedicated and motivated team, delivering a high level of service to customers. Despite the jet lag, they worked hard to stay organized and communicative. The staff was patient and responsive to feedback, which smoothly kept our work.


Our Latest Blog Post


React Native is an open-source mobile application development framework released by Facebook in 2015. It renders applications for multiple platforms from a single codebase and allows developers to utilize the framework’s native platform capabilities. It provides various core components and built-in APIs that can be used in applications.

React Native is popular with companies for the following reasons

  • Ability to reuse code
  • Relatively simple user interface
  • Support for third-party plugins
  • Modular Design
  • Live Hot Reload
  • Outstanding
  • Huge developer community

These are some of the reasons to hire React Native developers to develop their applications.

React Native allows React Native App Development Company to speed up developing applications on different platforms because most of the code can be reused across platforms. Considering these advantages and disadvantages, it is no wonder that many companies choose React Native for mobile app development. These companies include brands like Facebook, Uber Eats,, Skype, Tesla, and Walmart.

React Native is a JavaScript library that enables application developers to create applications that resemble native applications in appearance, behavior, and performance. It consists of the same basic user interface components as standard iOS and Android applications. It consists of the same basic user interface components as standard iOS and Android applications. All that’s left is to combine these components with JavaScript and React.

We use React.js, a popular JavaScript library for creating interactive user interfaces, to develop responsive native applications.

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