Looking for a Mobile App Developers company in the UK? The UK is the “powerhouse” of the global app development market – iOS, Android and cross-platform – and it’s backed by data.

By 2021, 79% of UK adults will own a smartphone. The average Briton spends 2 hours and 34 minutes daily on their smartphones and 1 minute every 5 minutes on social media. In the UK, 72% of mobile connections are 4G.

Of course, the Mobile App Developers market is huge, and many app developers are based in London, with Manchester being the main hub. This guide calculates the cost of Mobile App Developers in the UK and presents the state of app development in the UK. This guide covers all the factors you need to consider when choosing an app development company in the UK and lists the best companies to operate in the UK.

List of Top 5 UK Mobile App Developers

We have compiled a list of UK Mobile App Developers based on their research, recommendations from their network, reviews and data from other sources and third-party Websites. The list is in no particular order, but They’ve collected and curated helpful suggestions from Mobile App Developers in the UK.

It’s up to you whether you want to work with them. Divided into sections, the guide provides information on the market, general app development costs and best options, followed by details on specific app development companies operating in the UK market.

21Twelve Interactive.

21Twelve Interactive Interactive has industry expertise in developing innovative mobile apps and smart mobile app strategies in the UK. It provides Mobile App Developers services such as business transformation, project management, design, integration, development and mobile application testing as an IT company. They provide consultancy services. They help transform business processes, employee productivity and customer engagement through mobile and location-based technologies.

They have compiled a list of UK app developers based on their research, leads from their network, categories, and data from other Theybsites and third-party sources. The list is not in order, but They’ve tried to augment and complement it with a range of helpful advice from UK app development businesses. It’s up to you whether you want to work with them.

They’ve listed the best companies operating in the UK and explained what to look for when choosing a UK app development company.

Bluehorn Technologies.

For the past decade, Bluehorn has been trusted by UK customers to provide proactive, stress-free IT support. They don’t look for quick-fix solutions with the best team of Mobile App Developers. They help their clients grow their businesses over the long term. It sets us apart by thinking differently and providing secure IT solutions for their business.

They treat their customers as partners. Best-in-class IT support and security are critical to business growth, and They focus on both. They serve over 2,000 companies and are committed to providing their customers with the best IT support and security. their customers trust us because

Its goal is to be the best IT solution provider in the UK, providing its clients with the best bespoke IT management services. Their customer satisfaction rate is 98%, achieved by focusing on what matters most.

Their main goal is to continue providing the same service quality to their customers. At the same time, Bluehorn Vision provides the best IT solutions in the world. For their customers, they want to create a secure digital network for their business.


Intelvita is a leading Mobile App Developers company with offices in the UK and India. It provides concept-based, interactive and scalable application development services to clients worldwide.

It has completed over 100 projects and has a reputation for fast support and live updates. They provide services, including T app development, mobile gaming, and augmented and virtual reality solutions. Their team of professional developers and designers is the key to their success in planning and implementing technology. These young brains have years of experience and solid skills to implement custom solutions for their clients.


Wivro, as the UK’s Best Mobile App developer, firmly believes that serious advice is the cornerstone of perfecting products and building lasting relationships in the UK. That’s why they can provide the best advice in each specific situation.

They understand that time and money are very important to you and will treat their spending plans as their own, ensuring you have enough financial freedom when making decisions. They know that every job is new and adaptability is important. However, they will take the time to talk to you, and their tried and tested techniques for project activities should work for you.


Founded in 2006, Brightec is a technology company with offices in London, Brighton and Amsterdam. their approach blends business understanding, design and industry-leading user experience techniques. They help businesses strategically assess their models and respond to technological changes to make the most of a changing environment and stay ahead. Their user interface and user experience specialists understand their users and their business and have a solid understanding of all relevant needs and requirements.