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The experts at Google ad agency Bluehorn are good at creating Google ad campaigns that increase conversion rates while maintaining ROAS.

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20% lower cost per conversion Google Adwords conversion rate up 108% year over year Contact form up 71%. These are just some of the results of the award-winning (and recognized) Google Ad agency. So say hello to more Google ad dollars and ask them for PPC advice.

As a Google Principal Partner, we have years of experience running successful Google AdWords campaigns in almost every industry. We offer the following Google AdWords services to help you get more clicks, drive more traffic to your website, and convert them into paying customers.

Our Google Ad Agency is for Everyone

Choose a PPC service and see Google's PPC rates for your campaign. Our Google ad agency provides the following services.

PPC Advertising

Reach users searching for products and services like yours on Google, Bing, and YouTube through our google ad management service.

Geofencing Ads

Geofencing advertising services, targeting competitor websites, industry trade shows, and other special locations.

E-Commerce Marketing PPC

Run a tailored eCommerce PPC campaign using Google Shopping Ads to drive purchases and get more products into the cart.

Increase ROI

On Google, people search for products they want to buy. When someone searches for similar products, your ad appears on Google.

We are highly rated as the Best Google Ad Agency

If you don't know how to create one, our google ad agency can help you.

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Why Choose BlueHorn as your Google Ad Agency?

Bluehorn developed Google Ad Agency, a PPC service in India that maximizes the potential of businesses, from startups to big brands.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the only way to know which keywords to choose and consists of several steps.

Research on Competitors

PPC competitor analysis is essential to creating a strong PPC campaign.

Design, Develop and Test Landing Pages

A landing page is a separate page you want to use in your paid AdWords campaign.

Remarketing Campaign

PPC remarketing is a way to re-engage potential customers who have already shown interest in your business or product.

Display Ad Campaign

Smart Display campaigns combine the benefits of automated targeting, bidding, and creativity to maximize conversions for your Google Ads.

Creation of Search Activities

Google Search Activity allows you to display ads in Google search results.

Create a Shopping Campaign

Shopping ads include extensive product information, including product images, prices, and business names.

Detailed Performance Analysis and Reporting

CTR is one of the most meaningful metrics for measuring the performance of Google ad campaigns.

What Google Ad Agency Models Bluehorn Offers to Clients

Fixed Price Model

In this model, the scope of work for the project and associated costs and schedules are determined before development begins. This model was chosen to ensure a longer time frame. Clients are always assured that the project will stay within the agreed budget. This model is ideal for clients who are aware of their requirements.

Hire a Dedicated Team Model

It is a classic and simple form of contract where the client pays for the time the app developer spends on the project. Customers don’t need to think about detailed specifications, so starting a project is more accessible. This model also allows new features to be updated, and customers know exactly what they are paying for. It leads to more trust and communication.

Field Development Model

This model is preferred when the client needs to add temporary resources for on-site development. This type of agreement guarantees the promise of cost-effectiveness and personal interaction with the developer. This model ensures that deadlines are met through constant communication throughout the process.

We are Also Available by Phone or Email

Do you have an Google Ad project to implement? Our Google ad management Company has the right people for the job. We are here to evaluate any of your projects.

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Customer Reviews About Our Google Ad Management Company

Amanda Rivera

Bluehorn's Google ad agency shows high professionalism in its work. We are very satisfied with Bluehorn and recommend a long-term business relationship with them as our most reliable and transparent software development and support partner.

Henry Morgan

The developers of Bluehorn's Google ad agency have been true partners, thoroughly reporting progress and providing valuable advice. They are also very reliable, ethical, and transparent.


Bluehorn's Google ad agency stands out as a dedicated and motivated team, delivering a high level of service to customers. Despite the jet lag, they worked hard to stay organized and communicate with Google ad management . The staff was patient and responsive to feedback, smoothly keeping our work.


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The way Google Ads works is that when people search online for the service or product you offer, your ad is placed there; Google Ads allows your ad to be seen by potential customers.

Start by deciding on a goal like “more sales calls” or “more website visitors.”

Next, decide on the geographic area in which you want to advertise. This can be a small radius around your organization, such as a city, a state, or an entire country.

There are three typical types of Google ad campaigns.

Search Activity: An ad, usually in text form, appears on a Google search results page when someone searches for a service or product similar to your company.

Display Ads: These are advertisements, usually in the form of pictures, on websites or apps you visit.

Video Ads – Usually a 6 or 15-second video. These ads are displayed during or before the content on YouTube.

CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) means that when someone clicks on your ad, you pay for it.

Other ad formats include

Cost-per-impression, where you pay based on the number of times your ad is shown, not clicked.

Cost per engagement, you pay when you complete a pre-defined engagement (such as watching a video ad).

Google Ads can start with any budget. There is no minimum purchase requirement.

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