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Give Your Right Brand Audience through our Facebook Advertising Services.

We help you advertise your brand on the most extensive social media network. Blue Horn help you build a reputation by gaining the trust of billion Facebook users with Facebook Advertising Services and campaigns. We make sure that your business gets quality leads. Our team help you in

  • Clear your business objective to the audience
  • Select Targeted audience
  • Design Campaign accordingly.

Facebook ad campaigns come in many different forms. The retargeting is one of them. Facebook campaigns are paid posts that businesses make on Facebook. Paid ads can target a specific demographic and can be as detailed or broad as you want.

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Facebook Advertising Services will help You in

Choosing and using keywords

A regular posting schedule


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Promote your Brand on the Largest Social Media via Facebook Advertising Services.

BlueHorn uses millions of users and effective advertising campaigns on Facebook to increase your sales and online influence. We outsource your Facebook Advertising Services. Our experts can effectively measure how your online advertising efforts lead to offline results. Promote your brand on the largest social media platform, with 2 billion daily active users. It is also a cost-effective way to show your brand to potential customers, making it the best Facebook advertising agency for small businesses.

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Why should I use Facebook ads?

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms with over 7 billion traffic per day. This means that it reaches customers and reaches their buying process before they desire it. They generate more leads than any other social media.

Can you help me generate sales leads for my product using Facebook ads?

Yes, with the help of our services, you will be able to reach your target audience without any hassle. It will increase your brand awareness and boost your lead generation process.

Can your company get the most out of my money on Google ads?

Yes, we have a team of Facebook ads managers with years of experience in this field. They have experience managing all sorts of business Facebook ads and will come up with a strategy that brings you more sales in the process.

Can you reach the Target audience for my business with Facebook ads?

The sole Reason of our Ads team is to craft an ads strategy on Facebook that will reach all possible customers. We make sure that your brand ads get potential buyers on Facebook.

What is your Strategy to come up with the best Facebook ads campaign?

We follow a series of steps process in coming up with the most effective ad strategy for your Facebook ads.

  • Learn about business niche
  • Come up with the most searched keywords
  • Follow latest trends in image and graphics
  • Choose your targeted audience
  • Check Geographical implementation
  • Design an effective and easy-to-understand ad.

How many types of Facebook formats do you work on?

We work on all 8 Facebook ads formats that exist in the market that includes,

  1. Video ads
  2. Story ads
  3. Photo ads
  4. Carousel ads
  5. Messenger ads
  6. Collection ads
  7. Slideshow ads
  8. Playable ads.