June 30, 2021

7 Ways How Blockchain is Enhancing Online Shopping Experience

Since the very existence of blockchain technology experts have been predicting a significant disruption in every field. Every major industry has experienced a phenomenal change and now businesses are moving towards intellectual decisions by introducing smart contracts and cryptocurrency.

The reason for accepting and embracing blockchain is its exceptional advantages that enterprises cannot resist. Today, the businesses are observing the uplift in their overall operations due to the emergence of blockchain technology. Even the consumers are sensing the benefits it is bringing, and they are too unable to defy it.

Every industry is leveraging the power of blockchain, and the retail industry is no exception at all. Many leading retail companies are already using the technology. While others are following in their footsteps and joining the blockchain bandwagon. Moreover, retail has a market share of 6%, being the fifth largest blockchain spending sector.

If all the retail enterprises adopt it, the consumers will get power over their purchases. They can manage what they are buying and how they are doing it. Moreover, it can also lead to the transparency of the marketing channel with a revolutionized tech. Blockchain can promise the retail sector a transformed image that can disrupt the industry for good.

So, Let’s uncover 7 ways how blockchain technology is changing the horizons in the retail industry and enhancing the day-to-day online shopping experience for consumers.


1.Advanced Payment Methods

Blockchain is powering and enhancing the online shopping experience for customers. It is offering numerous digital currencies to power the platform. Currencies such as Ripple, Bitcoin, Binance coin, Ethereum, etc. are part of it.

Modern businesses are now moving towards these digital currencies to handle their transactions. The industry experts are predicting that the world will soon completely move towards cryptocurrencies. As per the trend, traditional currencies can replace digital currency making them obsolete forever. However, after the pandemic the digital currency payment methods also witnessed an upsurge.


2. Decentralized Processing

There is no central authority in blockchain to regulate the transactions. The two parties involved in the transaction control it themselves. Hence, there is no third party involved in between.

With this, the consumers get the power of control in their hands, eliminating the need for a middleman. Blockchain also has no inflation or devaluing and neither involves any government organization or a bank.

For instance, when the COVID-19 hit the world almost every country around the globe suffered an economic breakdown. Due to this economic fallout the value of currencies also deteriorated. However, in such times bitcoin or any cryptocurrency were not affected. It was that time when experts from all over the world praised the power of blockchain. Moreover, they also recommended the adoption of digital currency over traditional currency.


3. Protection of Identity

All the transactions involving blockchain technology are crystal clear and transparent. Also, the platform offers a centralized ledger that stores all the meticulous details of the transactions. This way, no personal information is shared with anyone, and the secrecy remains intact. In online shopping, data breach and theft are common. However, with blockchain technology businesses and customers can overcome it efficiently.


4. Transaction Autonomy

When it comes to cryptocurrency, there is no third-party involved. There is no bank or government involved during the transaction. No one will tell you what to do and what not to do. With blockchain, you are the master of your finances without interruptions of any third-party.

Blockchain empowers you to use your finances the way you desire without obligations. However, when you are using the traditional currency, you will face tons of limitations and restrictions. With blockchain, you can enjoy complete freedom over your money that no other platform can offer.


5. Easy Usability

Traditional currency has a limitation, restricting you in every country. Unlike conventional currencies, digital currency allows you to enjoy online shopping from any part of the world. There would be no currency conversion rates and no deductions.

Blockchain-based currencies are extremely easy to use. Without being registered from any organization, you can make transactions anywhere in the world. Even when opening a cryptocurrency wallet, you are not charged a dime.

As compared to traditional transactions, digital dealings are way faster. On one hand, conventional transactions can take 3-4 business days to complete. Sometimes it takes weeks or months as well. While on the other hand, digital transactions take a few minutes to process. With no location, time, and setting limitations, you can complete your transactions instantly.


6. Reduction in Frauds

Corrupting any blockchain transaction is impossible. Why? Because transactions involving digital currency are mentioned in the online ledgers. The process is completely transparent and no one can scam, no matter what. The blockchain-based transactions are peer-to-peer technology-based. Therefore, committing fraud is not viable.


7. Enhanced Supply Chain Management

Supply chain is another industry observing improvements after the implementation of blockchain. In supply chain management, blockchain has solved a lot of issues. It has given a boost to overall business performance. With blockchain, the retail industry and eCommerce businesses have streamlined their supply chain process.

The supply chain management process is hectic involving crucial steps. Issues of product tracking, record storing, inventory management and much more can be resolved with blockchain. Since, the whole mechanism of blockchain is decentralized it enables you to build custom applications. Now, you can develop customized apps to reduce the chances of data breach, corruption, and fraud.

With blockchain technology, enterprises can cut their costs during the administrative process. Businesses are ensuring on-time delivery with the influx of blockchain in the supply chain management process. It is saving costs while reducing the number of mediators.

Some leading retail businesses are using blockchain tech for their front-end supply chain management. While others are utilizing it for the back-end operations such as inventory management processes.


The Bottom Line

During the pandemic, blockchain technology has enhanced the online retail sector boosting its revenue. It is the right time to embrace technology and integrate it into your modern business. With blockchain, leverage your business operations with perfection.

Today, blockchain is becoming a necessity for every enterprise to sustain its operations . It can no longer be categorized as a luxury.

Do not miss the opportunity of boosting your business. Embrace the universal currency that is soon to become the future. Tkxel assures you of customized app development that can control every aspect of your supply chain concerns with blockchain services. Get in touch today!

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